Why I started the English blog

English blog?

I’ve been writing the blog in Japanese for 5 years or more, writing about my life, programming, work, everything. After I changed my place to Bangkok, I became to feel I need to spread information more.

Even I work in Thailand, I’m still in Japanese society. I mostly work with Japanese people. There are many reasons though, the main reason is that I’m Japanese (of course) and I met with one Japanese engineer and started to work together. He had been working in web technology companies and he is really specialist in web technologies. I could learn many things from him by working together. I think I’ll write about him another time.

Sometimes I feel like Japan is the isolated island. People speak only Japanese, and read the documents only in Japanese. I know there are no problems to stay and work in Japan in that way. But if you step out of Japan, you will realize there are much much bigger world in there. I feel like, I should get more info in English and publish my thought in English.

What I’m gonna write

I haven’t decided yet. but it must be something I’m interested in, so it’s gonna be…

  • Programming and programming tips
  • Life in Bangkok
  • My thought about Japan

like this.

Anyway Start it!

Just do it! yes. I’ll write some blog here, if you think it’s nice article or if you feel any sympathy, please share my article. Thank you!