What I thought about Japan when I got back from Bangkok Thailand

What I thought about Japan

I live in Bangkok Thailand and go back to Japan sometimes. I stayed about 10 days in Japan this time, I’m gonna write about what I thought about Japan.

Cheap and tasty meals

What I’m looking for the most is the meals in Japan. Though there are many Japanese foods in Bangkok Thailand, Japanese foods in Japan is the best for the freshness, taste, price and everything.

If I want to have the Japanese foods with the same price and quality in abroad, I need to pay twice or 3 times more than in Japan.

Very quiet in the street

The cars are so quiet. We can talk with people easily.

But in Thailand, cars are very noisy and the bus runs with huge noise. There are many motorcycles too. So we can not talk with the others if we don’t talk loudly.

Changing slowly

When I go back to Japan 1 year from the last time, I feel the things are not changing much. The building and restaurants changes so quick in Bankok…

Many elderly people

When I’m in the train, sometimes I realize 70 or 80 percent of the passengers are elderly people. (Off course if it comes to the morning or the evening, it’s business rush hour so not many elderly people in the train.)

Things are getting cheaper

Some people think the cost of living in Japan is very high, but it’s not. Japanese economics goes down after 1990, and now it’s still going down slowly.

Some statistics says Japan is getting better, but compared to other countries, especially south-east asia, I’m sure Japan is going down comparatively.

And some people thinks the cost of living in Thailand is very cheap, and it’s true, but not true for everything. When I need the good products or services in Bangkok, like educations, medical services, meals, condominiums, sometimes it costs more than Japan.

I go back Japan sometimes and I’m happy that I can go dinner or shopping and it’s not expensive. But as a Japanese, I’m not so happy that the things are getting cheaper because of Japanese economy.

Japan is good, but…

I feel Japan is good place to live every time when I go back to Japan. Cheap good meals, secure, medicals…

But at the same time, I feel scared to get used to this circumstances. Things are changing slowly.

What children study and how they study are almost same with our generation. Same scenes that new university graduates go to find their job with same way. (Japan has strange way for this… They have only 1 chance to get into the big company and it is only for the new graduates. (新卒一括採用)) Politicians are doing the same thing. Actually they have small changes but I can not see the big changes.

I feel the speed of the change in south-east asia is much bigger than Japan. I wanna keep changing and be the front line of the changes. So… My conclusion is, It’s good to live in Japan but maybe not for me.