Bullet trip to Ho Chi Minh City

Trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I wend to bullet trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It’s so close, it takes just 1.5 hour by air plane.

There are a lot of LCC carriers and I picked Jet Start this time. The price was… only 5 USD / one way. But it’s needed to add the tax, so eventually it costs about 40-50 USD. You can go to Vietnam casually.

Impressions of Vietnam

I feel there are more young people in there compared to Bangkok. Average age is lower and the economics goes up.

And so many motorcycles. There are more motorcycles in Bangkok than Japan, but here in Vietnam the number of motorcycles are much more than Bangkok. Young couples go out on a date and driving a motorcycle and chatting. I felt people in Vietnam are more diligent for work.


1st day: “Hoa Tuc”.

I went to “Hoa Tuc” restaurant.

It is famous for its building that had been an opium factory. The building was so impressive, and the foods are delicious. And the staffs are very gentle, they explained nicely in English. This is the restaurant I would come again.

2nd day: Pho.

I went to the pho restaurant “Pho Hung” near the Don Khoi street. I chose Pho with US beef and it takes 100,000 VND (4-5 USD). It was simply taste but quite nice.

Wanna come again

Ho Chi Minh city is growing up very fast and it changes every time I come.

It is quite near from Bangkok and foods are great. This city is so interesting, I wanna visit again very soon.