'timely': Created CLI tool made by Golang

I made a CLI tool to get the timely info for the engineers.

Github - takp/timely

Concept of timely

Day by day, the information about the new technologies that the web engineer should follow are increasing. They are news, articles, blogs, facebook posts, twitter and so on.

Now it is not easy to follow the all info. What is the best way to get the timely info quickly and easily. It may be useful to use the CLI tool that can get the timely info by hit just 1 line code.

That’s why I made the timely CLI tool.

How to use timely

You can get the github trending repositories list just run this command.

$ timely g
--- Github Trending Repositories ---
1 /zeit/next.js : A minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications
2 /engineerapart/TheRemoteFreelancer : Listing of community-curated resources to find topical remote freelance & contract work for software developers, web designers, and more!
3 /Microsoft/CNTK : Microsoft Cognition Toolkit (CNTK)
# ... list up to 25

And you can get the popular items from Qiita.com. (Only in Japanese though…)

$ timely q
--- Qiita 人気の投稿 ---
1 【詳解】モテたいVimmer必見 快適にコーディングするためのvimrc解説
2 日本語で読める GitBook まとめ
3 無料のドメインを取得する(2016年10月)
# ... list up to 20

Or Hatena hot entry in tech blog.

$ timely h
--- はてなブックマーク 技術ブログ ホットエントリー ---
1 ディープラーニングによるファッションアイテム検出と検索 - VASILY DEVELOPERS BLOG : 511 users
2 イラストを Git で管理したかったのでツールをつくった - blog.syfm : 379 users
3 デザインのバージョン管理をする世界 – Medium : 218 users
# ... list up to about 25

For Twitter, you can get the most shared links from the twitter users (preset in twitter_accounts.go).

$ timely t
--- Twitter most shared links from the engineer accounts ---
Fetch Tweets: mizuno_takaaki
Fetch Tweets: yukihiro_matz
Fetch Tweets: rob_pike
Fetch Tweets: dhh
# ... fetch twitter accounts that are set in twitter_accounts.go
1 https://t.co/NL6V9djElt : 2 times
2 https://t.co/PzQKvJyWgs : 2 times
3 https://t.co/tJwB1xdYKF : 1 times
4 https://t.co/ikB1FwbEGf : 1 times
# ... list up to 10

If you want the all data all together.

$ timely a

It’s so easy to use and you can get the timely info inside your terminal or command line.


If you try this timely, you can see the $ timely t takes time.

This is because I didn’t use twitter API and I scrape the website page and fetch the data. I’d like to use the API but I want the easiness like, just install and can use. If timely use twitter API, the users has to get the twitter API token and input it into the config file. But I hope everyone just install and can use this.

But it’s annoying just wait like 2 or 3 minutes, so it’d be better to enable for user to set the twitter API token and make it faster.

Github - takp/timely

I think there are many things that I should fix or improve, I hope this is useful.