New year's resolutions for 2017

New year’s day in Berlin

I’m now at Berlin Germany with my wife and we stayed at the hotel at the new year’s countdown. In Germany, the 31st of December is the only day that fireworks are allowed, so people are playing with the fireworks in the streets. But it is like a dangerous place because too many fireworks and the rocket fireworks fly toward the people. We felt enough for the fireworks so we stayed at the hotel and I’m writing this now.

About last year - 2016

About Work

I’ve been working with the clients for 1 year as a lead developer and I can extend my ability in many aspects. While the web meeting held every week, I need to think about how to solve the request from the client technically, and I need to think about the best answer comparing the pros and cons including the developing cost.

The request from the client changes depends on the phase of the product. We discuss what to develop, how to develop at first. Next, when the basis are almost done, we start to add more functions. When it passes a few months or year, the necessary functions are added already, and then SEO and the marketings are getting more important and we need to deal them too. These are what I experienced in this year.

There was not a big change for my work, but I keep my effort every day in this year.

Want to create tools and publish them

I could publish some of them actually.

I joined to the Bangkok Hackathon meetup every time and I could have a chance to develop what I want to create. And also I could get the 1st prize when I create the timely cli tool, yay!

What I couldn’t do

I wanted to contribute more open-source projects but actually I couldn’t. It is not enough to wait the chance to contribute, I need to join and contribute actively.

New year’s resolutions for 2017

  • Enhance my development, beautiful architecture
  • Study more about Ruby and Python or Go
  • Catch up the front-end techs
  • Study machine learning more
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • join to the meetups and speak something I can share
  • Study English
  • Publish the article in English and Japanese (at least 1 for 2 weeks)

As I couldn’t contribute to open source projects last year, I’m thinking to stop work every day and prepare 1 free day for every week. And then I can study something new, develop my own project or contribute to the open source projects.

This year, I’ll keep doing my best to be the great engineer. I hope this year will be a good year for everyone too.