Move back to Japan from Thailand

Move Back to Japan from Thailand

I have been living in Bangkok Thailand for 3 years, I decided to move back to Japan.

And now I’m writing this in the airplane to Japan.

3 years in Thailand

I moved to Thailand on September 2014, so it was less than 3 years.

  • Made the company in Thailand (I run the company in Japan, so this is like an subsidy)
  • A lot of work is needed for the documentation and accountings for the company in Thailand
  • Need perseverance to get the Visa (documentation…)
  • I supported start-up companies by servicing web development (And I’ll continue)
  • I got to know with the engineer friends and my mentor.
  • I met with my friends that I could not met if I stay in Japan
  • And, I met and married with my wife in Bangkok (she is Japanese)

About the accounting, I had a lot of troubles. The accounting company did not the irresponsible job, they did not do anything actually, and so I need to stop contract with them and need to find the new farm to help me. And the new farm made a mistake and I failed to extend the visa, and so on.

And I need to resubmit bunch of papers for the Visa extension. I waste more than 3 days just to apply and get the result for every time.

There’s a lot of terrible things about he documentation, but now I can think of it as a good experience. Including them, it was really great time both working and private.

Why Japan?

I decided to go back to Japan as a temporary stay.

I am going to stay about 6 months, but after that I’m planning to move to another place.

I like Japan but I think there are some cons if I stay in Japan. I’ll lose curiosity to the life in Japan very quickly because I grew up in Japan and nothing special for me.

If abroad, I know the fact that there are countries I like and I don’t, but I can find many interesting things even in ordinary life in there. I think I’m like the person who is looking for something interesting always.


  • Good for my work & skill?
  • I can get the Visa?
  • I can work as an freelancer?
  • Less stress place or not?
  • My wife also like the place? (And my dog too)

I’ll consider in many points and decide, and move forward! :)