Ordered a Cross Bike

I’ve wanted a proper bike (bicycle) for a while now, and I finally ordered one. It’s the new 2024 model of the Trek FX 3.

Trek FX 3

I chose this cross bike because it’s reasonably priced, there’s a flagship store nearby, and it looks cool. Honestly, the price is quite high. My budget was 100,000 yen, but this bike alone costs 125,000 yen. Adding front and rear lights, a drink holder, and other accessories will bring the total to around 150,000 yen. However, I consider this an enjoyable adult hobby. I thought it was okay to go a bit over budget, so I decided on this one.

While browsing various models online, I struggled with where to buy the bike. I also thought the BridgeStone XB1 model looked cool, but it couldn’t be ordered directly from the official site and had to be purchased through affiliated bike shops. When I visited a local bike shop to inquire, it just didn’t feel right. The local bike shop mainly sells city bikes (so-called “ママチャリ”), and the people wasn’t very knowledgeable. I wanted to buy from a proper store and have a pleasant purchasing experience.

To my surprise, I found out that Trek has many flagship stores in Japan. The closest one for me is the Namba store in Osaka, so I could even ride the bike home from there. Trek bikes are stylish, and their stores are chic. Although the price slightly exceeds my budget, the trustworthiness of the flagship store is significant. This was the deciding factor, and I chose Trek.

When I visited the store for a consultation, they strongly recommended the FX 3 over the FX 2. They said the FX 3 has a carbon front fork, making it lighter, and its 1 x 10-speed gear is easier to use and less likely to derail. After much deliberation, I decided on the FX 3.

It seems that once you start customizing a bike, there’s no end to it, just like with cars. I plan to ride it a lot first, then customize the parts I want to change. The bike will be delivered in a month, so I’ll eagerly wait until then.