Berlin as a next city to move

Consider Berlin as a next city

I live in Bangkok with my wife currently, but we’re thinking to move to the another city.

We really like to stay in Thailand but we feel like we need some change and challenge. Berlin is one of our candidates so that we visited Berlin to see how it is like.

I wrote down my thoughts about Berlin here.

Is the weather freezing? Berlin’s winter

We stayed in Berlin for a week in new years day, and it was about -2 to 5 degrees. I’m not good at the cold weather but it is not freezing like I imagined. Is it because I become stronger to the cold weather or my body needs some coldness as I stay in Bangkok? I don’t know but it’s good for me :)

While I stayed in Berlin, it was usually cloudy. but it shows beautiful blue sky sometimes.

Should study Germany language

I understood that I should study Germany language if I start to live in there.

As my friends used to talk to me, it’s true that Germany people can speak English much much better than Japanese people. But if I think about to live in Germany, I realized I need to study Germany and speak Germany. It takes time and effort to study the language. To study

What I felt about Berlin

First, the things are cheaper than the other cities in Europe, like Paris, London and Amsterdam. I and my wife went to the restaurant which is very popular to the Berliners, and it cost only 35 Euros including 3 beers and enough food for us. Yay! The thing is the portion for 1 dish is quite big so that I don’t have to order many dishes.

Very hard to find the flat / apartment

In Germany, there is a visa for freelancers, so it is very attractive to move in. But, as my friend who lives in Berlin more than 3 years says, it is very very hard to find the flats. It is because more people are looking for the place to live very year but the number of the suppliers does not increase enough. I think if I can find the flat, the other things will be going well.

Thought about Berlin to move in

Berlin is a beautiful city and it is the heart of the Germany, there must be many good chance with my job. IT tech companies located at Berlin are increasing, Berlin is becoming one of the center of the tech startups.

The attractive point is many things are mixing in Berlin, like historical buildings and the arts from the Europe. Berlin is such a cool city to move in. It is so nice that I can visit many tech conferences in Europe much easier for me.

It is still too early to make a decision for me and my wife, we’ll consider about the another city and our future and make a decision soon.