Reasons why I go back to Thailand

I have been thinking where to go, where to move… Now me & my wife decided to move to Thailand! (Go Back again!)

Back to Thailand

Since we came back to Japan on May 2017 this year, I and my wife have been talking where to go next.

We visited Germany Berlin at the end of last year. We went there not only for a sightseeing, but also seeing the real Berlin to know if we want to live there or not. Berlin as a next city to move

We considered a log of possibilities, like Europe, North America or Asia…

Finaly, we decided to go Thailand.

Why Thailand?

“You left Thailand once, and why Thailand again?”

This was what I was asked from my friends.

What I thought after coming back to Osaka is, Living in Thailand is better because of my (and my wife’s) lifestyle.

1. Dining-out culture & Massage

As you may know, Thai people loves to dining out, instead of cooking at home. As a result, the most of the restaurants are very good taste and the cost is relatively cheaper. And there are many massage shops and my wife likes to go, and it’s important for her.

2. Many places to visit as a short trip

If you take a air plane for an hour, you can go to Phuket or Samui, and if you take a car for 2 hours, you can go to Patthaya or Hua-hin. This is also attractive point to live in Bangkok. (Of course there’s a lot of good place to go in Japan, but it is not so attractive for us. Because I’m Japanese? I guess)

3. I can meet with clients and mentor engineer

Half of my clients live in Bangkok, so this is very good pros for me. We usually have a web meeting every month, but it is much better to meet directly and discuss.

And I can meet my mentor engineer Mr. M. He comes to Bangkok from Singapore every month, so I can meet him every month. This is big thing for me.

Thing I will do after moving to Thailand

Last time I stayed in Bangkok and I wanted to join to Ruby meetup but there was only a few. This time I think I will visit Singapore and join to meetup there.

These are the things I’m thinking now.

I have only 2 weeks to stay here in Osaka.

I will enjoy here as possible as I can, and go to Bangkok!