Boilerplate for Rails 5

Needs for Rails 5 Boilerplate I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails more than 3 years and I started feel I need a good template to make a rocket start. What I need for the boilerplate is… New Rails version UI: Bootstrap, FontAwesome Nice template engine (Slim or Haml) Includes only basic functions (not fancy features) MySQL Better to have a basic user authentication (Devise gem) I could find some good boilerplate for Rails, but they’re a bit different from my needs. [Read More]

Why I started the English blog

English blog? I’ve been writing the blog in Japanese for 5 years or more, writing about my life, programming, work, everything. After I changed my place to Bangkok, I became to feel I need to spread information more. Even I work in Thailand, I’m still in Japanese society. I mostly work with Japanese people. There are many reasons though, the main reason is that I’m Japanese (of course) and I met with one Japanese engineer and started to work together. [Read More]