Application Load Balancer - AWS ElasticBeanstalk Setting

What is Application Load Balancer? The Application Load Balancer works at the layer 7 (application layer), and the standard load balancer works at the layer 4 (transport layer). There are many benefits with it. It enables more sophisticated load balancing, like multiple port to certain paths. But for me, the most biggest benefit is I can use HTTP/2 with it. Configuring an Application Load Balancer AWS - Application Load Balancer Details The AWS official document explains more in detail. [Read More]

Rails Architecture with Service and Decorator

Architecture After we start to develop the application, we continue to develop and the application become bigger. Then you may encounter to the problem like “fat controller” or “fat model”. If you need to put the business logic, but it’s not related to any model or related to more than 2 models, where are you gonna locate it? And if the models got fat, how are you gonna make it slim? [Read More]

Boilerplate for Rails 5

Needs for Rails 5 Boilerplate I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails more than 3 years and I started feel I need a good template to make a rocket start. What I need for the boilerplate is… New Rails version UI: Bootstrap, FontAwesome Nice template engine (Slim or Haml) Includes only basic functions (not fancy features) MySQL Better to have a basic user authentication (Devise gem) I could find some good boilerplate for Rails, but they’re a bit different from my needs. [Read More]

Why I started the English blog

English blog? I’ve been writing the blog in Japanese for 5 years or more, writing about my life, programming, work, everything. After I changed my place to Bangkok, I became to feel I need to spread information more. Even I work in Thailand, I’m still in Japanese society. I mostly work with Japanese people. There are many reasons though, the main reason is that I’m Japanese (of course) and I met with one Japanese engineer and started to work together. [Read More]