Bullet trip to Ho Chi Minh City

Trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam I wend to bullet trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It’s so close, it takes just 1.5 hour by air plane. There are a lot of LCC carriers and I picked Jet Start this time. The price was… only 5 USD / one way. But it’s needed to add the tax, so eventually it costs about 40-50 USD. You can go to Vietnam casually. Impressions of Vietnam I feel there are more young people in there compared to Bangkok. [Read More]

What I thought about Japan when I got back from Bangkok Thailand

What I thought about Japan I live in Bangkok Thailand and go back to Japan sometimes. I stayed about 10 days in Japan this time, I’m gonna write about what I thought about Japan. Cheap and tasty meals What I’m looking for the most is the meals in Japan. Though there are many Japanese foods in Bangkok Thailand, Japanese foods in Japan is the best for the freshness, taste, price and everything. [Read More]

Berlin as a next city to move

Consider Berlin as a next city I live in Bangkok with my wife currently, but we’re thinking to move to the another city. We really like to stay in Thailand but we feel like we need some change and challenge. Berlin is one of our candidates so that we visited Berlin to see how it is like. I wrote down my thoughts about Berlin here. Is the weather freezing? Berlin’s winter We stayed in Berlin for a week in new years day, and it was about -2 to 5 degrees. [Read More]

New year's resolutions for 2017

New year’s day in Berlin I’m now at Berlin Germany with my wife and we stayed at the hotel at the new year’s countdown. In Germany, the 31st of December is the only day that fireworks are allowed, so people are playing with the fireworks in the streets. But it is like a dangerous place because too many fireworks and the rocket fireworks fly toward the people. We felt enough for the fireworks so we stayed at the hotel and I’m writing this now. [Read More]

Create Tag functions to Rails without gem

Why I decided to make the Tag functions by myself If you’re developing with Rails, I think you’ve heard of this famous gem acts-as-taggable-on. You might ask me, “why don’t you use this gem?”. This gem helps you to create the Tags so easily, even you don’t need to think about the database structure because this gem will generate the basic one. But there’s a weak point, as the other gem also has. [Read More]

Update Node.js version to V6 from V5 (CentOS)

Background I have been using Node V5 inside the AWS EC2. This time I need to update it but I got in problem, this is the memo how I solved it. Environments AWS EC2 ElasticBeanstalk Centos The Problem I need to update to Node V6 from V5, so I tried to yum install the Node from the new repository. The yum keep using the old repository and does not use the new one, even I registered the new V6 repository for install. [Read More]

'timely': Created CLI tool made by Golang

I made a CLI tool to get the timely info for the engineers. Github - takp/timely Concept of timely Day by day, the information about the new technologies that the web engineer should follow are increasing. They are news, articles, blogs, facebook posts, twitter and so on. Now it is not easy to follow the all info. What is the best way to get the timely info quickly and easily. It may be useful to use the CLI tool that can get the timely info by hit just 1 line code. [Read More]

How to get a MySQL slow query log from AWS RDS

It is very important to know which query is slow and cause the slow response. MySQL can output the slow query logs so we can optimize the queries. I’m using the AWS RDS for my database, so I explain how to set up to RDS. Activate MySQL slow query log At first, go to AWS RDS dashboard, and go to “Parameter Groups”. slow_query_log You can set the “slow_query_log” to “1” and save it. [Read More]

Application Load Balancer - AWS ElasticBeanstalk Setting

What is Application Load Balancer? The Application Load Balancer works at the layer 7 (application layer), and the standard load balancer works at the layer 4 (transport layer). There are many benefits with it. It enables more sophisticated load balancing, like multiple port to certain paths. But for me, the most biggest benefit is I can use HTTP/2 with it. Configuring an Application Load Balancer AWS - Application Load Balancer Details The AWS official document explains more in detail. [Read More]

Rails Architecture with Service and Decorator

Architecture After we start to develop the application, we continue to develop and the application become bigger. Then you may encounter to the problem like “fat controller” or “fat model”. If you need to put the business logic, but it’s not related to any model or related to more than 2 models, where are you gonna locate it? And if the models got fat, how are you gonna make it slim? [Read More]