Graduated Udacity's Machine Learning Nano-degree

Udacity’s Machine Learning Nano-degree (MLND) I’ve graduated the Udacity’s Machine Learning Nano-degree course! Udacity is known as one of the best MOOC. It takes about half year from June to December 2017. This is the link to the course I graduated. Udacity - Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Why I studied at Udacity after I completed the Coursera’s machine learning course I started to study Udacity after I completed the Coursera’s Machine Learening course (article). [Read More]

Contributed to the Mastodon

In April, I contributed to Mastodon, which became so popular as twitter-like web service. This is how I contributed. How I start It was so getting popular at that time, and I was looking at the source code of this project because it was made by Rails & React. ( Then, I found a bug report that it failed because of the internationalization (I18n) on error pages like 404, 500 pages. [Read More]

Completed the Machine Learning course by Stanford University!

I could completed the Machine Learning course by Stanford University! Yay! I started in April, and I could finish it at the end of June. So It took about 3 months. (Please refer to the entry, which was written in the beginning => Started to study Coursera Machine Learning course by Stanford Univ.) Pros I could study whole general machine learning algorithms. By submitting the programming assignments, I could understand deeper. [Read More]

Started to study Coursera Machine Learning course by Stanford Univ.

Started studying machine learning I started studying mchine learning. I have been studied it by a book, but I felt I need to study from the beginning. Machine Learning - Stanford University I can get the certificate of the course if I pay 89 US dollar. I knew this course has very good reputation, and I read the post from @shu223 and he recommended this course. so that I started this course. [Read More]

Set free SSL by using AWS ACM

Free SSL by AWS ACM It takes many steps to set SSL to your website. You need to purchase the SSL by the agent, and get the certificate and locate it to the server. Each steps are not difficult, but it bothers a lot. From last year, it is possible to set SSL to your website by using AWS ACM. Very easy No need to update every year You can set SSL to ELB (Elastic Load Balancer), but for EC2. [Read More]

Bullet trip to Ho Chi Minh City

Trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam I wend to bullet trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It’s so close, it takes just 1.5 hour by air plane. There are a lot of LCC carriers and I picked Jet Start this time. The price was… only 5 USD / one way. But it’s needed to add the tax, so eventually it costs about 40-50 USD. You can go to Vietnam casually. [Read More]

What I thought about Japan when I got back from Bangkok Thailand

What I thought about Japan I live in Bangkok Thailand and go back to Japan sometimes. I stayed about 10 days in Japan this time, I’m gonna write about what I thought about Japan. Cheap and tasty meals What I’m looking for the most is the meals in Japan. Though there are many Japanese foods in Bangkok Thailand, Japanese foods in Japan is the best for the freshness, taste, price and everything. [Read More]

Berlin as a next city to move

Consider Berlin as a next city I live in Bangkok with my wife currently, but we’re thinking to move to the another city. We really like to stay in Thailand but we feel like we need some change and challenge. Berlin is one of our candidates so that we visited Berlin to see how it is like. I wrote down my thoughts about Berlin here. Is the weather freezing? Berlin’s winter We stayed in Berlin for a week in new years day, and it was about -2 to 5 degrees. [Read More]

New year's resolutions for 2017

New year’s day in Berlin I’m now at Berlin Germany with my wife and we stayed at the hotel at the new year’s countdown. In Germany, the 31st of December is the only day that fireworks are allowed, so people are playing with the fireworks in the streets. But it is like a dangerous place because too many fireworks and the rocket fireworks fly toward the people. We felt enough for the fireworks so we stayed at the hotel and I’m writing this now. [Read More]

Create Tag functions to Rails without gem

Why I decided to make the Tag functions by myself If you’re developing with Rails, I think you’ve heard of this famous gem acts-as-taggable-on. You might ask me, “why don’t you use this gem?”. This gem helps you to create the Tags so easily, even you don’t need to think about the database structure because this gem will generate the basic one. But there’s a weak point, as the other gem also has. [Read More]