Course Review: CS 6210 Advanced Operating Systems @Georgia Tech

1. CS 6210 - Advanced Operating Systems Just finished the 2021 spring semester of the course: CS 6210 - AOS: Advanced Operating Systems. Let me review the course contents and my thoughts :) 2. Course Contents OS Structures It started with SPIN OS that reduces the border crossing overheads by the flexibility. Also, ExoKernel provides another concept. Finally, it explained the Microkernel approach. It was a fun fact that Microkernel was believed to be very slow based on Mach’s paper, but actually, it can perform much better! [Read More]

Course Review: CS 6515 Intro to Graduate Algorithms @Georgia Tech

I just finished the 6th class (2020 Fall) in Georgia Tech OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science)! The class was CS6515 - Intro to Graduate Algorithms. I’ll summarize it while it’s still fresh in my mind. 1. CS6515 Intro to Graduate Algorithms This algorithm course is known to be a very hard program. It is rated as 4.28 difficulty (in 1-5) and requires more than 20 hours/week workload at omscentral. [Read More]

Course Review: CS 7646 Machine Learning For Trading @Georgia Tech

I’ve completed the 5th course in Georgia Tech OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science) program! I’m going to write the course review while it’s still fresh in my memory. 1. CS7646 Machine Learning for Trading (ML4T) CS7646: ML4T is lectured by Professor Tucker Balch. The course has 3 sections. It starts from the basics to manipulate the stock data, and finally optimize the portfolio using various optimizers including Decision Tree and the Q-Learning. [Read More]

Course Review: CS 7641 Machine Learning @Georgia Tech

I just completed CS 7641: Machine Learning course. It was my 4th course in the Georgia Tech OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science) program, and fortunately, I could earn the letter grade A! It was an exciting journey, but it required a lot of effort to complete the assignments and to study for the exams. I’m gonna explain what I’ve done and what I thought about this course. [Read More]

Compute the modular inverse using Extended GCD

When you need to calculate the modular inverse for the large co-prime integers, how do you calculate? In my case, I needed to calculate the modular inverse to get the RSA private key from the given public exponent and RSA modulus. At first, I tried to find it by brute-force search, but it turns out it takes very long time to compute the modular inverse for the large numbers. [Read More]

Best Data Serialization Formats to communicate between docker containers

1. Needs for better data serialization Now I’m building web applications that are running on Docker containers. Each containers need to interact with the others. Then, which data format is the best to communicate among them? Nowadays most of web APIs are using JSON with REST api under HTTP protocol. JSON and XML are readable for humans and it is big advantage of them. But when it comes to the data size, JSON and XML are not good. [Read More]

How I was accepted to Georgia Tech OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science)

1. Accepted to Georgia Tech OMSCS! September 2018, I received official acceptance letter from Georgia Tech OMSCS - Online Master of Science in Computer Science! 🎉 This OMSCS program is an online course, but the screening process is exactly same to on-campus program. So it is required to prepare SOP, recommendations and TOEFL score. Here I’m going to explain what’s needed in this article. 2. Admission Criteria It requires: [Read More]

Completed algorihtms course by Stanford University on Coursera

Algorithms course by Stanford Univeristy I could complete the algorithms course which I started from April 2018! 🎉 It took me about 4 months to finish. This course is one of the Massive Open Online Courses (so-called “MOOCs”), and is hosted by Coursera. It’s open with the title “Algorithms, a 4-course specialization by Stanford University” and the classes are all made by Stanford Univeristy. This course is composed of 4 courses and you can complete all courses within 4 months. [Read More]

Try image completion model from SIGGRAPH and it was great

The paper about image inpainting was presented to SIGGRAPH, and I give it a try since the actual model was published. Paper: “Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion” Here this is the original paper presented to SIGGRAPH. Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion Take a look at the Github This github repository was created by the author of the paper. It seems to be published from around February 2018. [Read More]

Very Simple Blockchain Implementation in Ruby

1. Why I implemented it in Ruby I created simple version of blockchain in Ruby. This is because I read this article “Learn Blockchains by Building One” and I’m impressed with this. It creates simple blockchain in Python less than 200 lines of code. Then I thought why not in Ruby? For the engineers, it is easier to figure out something by creating simple one by coding, isn’t it? [Read More]