Completed algorihtms course by Stanford University on Coursera

Algorithms course by Stanford Univeristy I could complete the algorithms course which I started from April 2018! 🎉 It took me about 4 months to finish. This course is one of the Massive Open Online Courses (so-called “MOOCs”), and is hosted by Coursera. It’s open with the title “Algorithms, a 4-course specialization by Stanford University” and the classes are all made by Stanford Univeristy. This course is composed of 4 courses and you can complete all courses within 4 months. [Read More]

Try image completion model from SIGGRAPH and it was great

The paper about image inpainting was presented to SIGGRAPH, and I give it a try since the actual model was published. Paper: “Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion” Here this is the original paper presented to SIGGRAPH. Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion Take a look at the Github This github repository was created by the author of the paper. It seems to be published from around February 2018. Github - We can download the trained model from this github. [Read More]

Very Simple Blockchain Implementation in Ruby

1. Why I implemented it in Ruby I created simple version of blockchain in Ruby. This is because I read this article “Learn Blockchains by Building One” and I’m impressed with this. It creates simple blockchain in Python less than 200 lines of code. Then I thought why not in Ruby? For the engineers, it is easier to figure out something by creating simple one by coding, isn’t it? 2. Implement blockchain in Ruby Just implement it in Ruby one by one. [Read More]

Graduated Udacity's Machine Learning Nano-degree

Udacity’s Machine Learning Nano-degree (MLND) I’ve graduated the Udacity’s Machine Learning Nano-degree course! Udacity is known as one of the best MOOC. It takes about half year from June to December 2017. This is the link to the course I graduated. Udacity - Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Why I studied at Udacity after I completed the Coursera’s machine learning course I started to study Udacity after I completed the Coursera’s Machine Learening course (article). [Read More]

Reasons why I go back to Thailand

I have been thinking where to go, where to move… Now me & my wife decided to move to Thailand! (Go Back again!) Back to Thailand Since we came back to Japan on May 2017 this year, I and my wife have been talking where to go next. We visited Germany Berlin at the end of last year. We went there not only for a sightseeing, but also seeing the real Berlin to know if we want to live there or not. [Read More]

Contributed to the Mastodon

In April, I contributed to Mastodon, which became so popular as twitter-like web service. This is how I contributed. How I start It was so getting popular at that time, and I was watching the source code of this project because this was made by Rails & React. (Mastodon Github) I was also watching the issues, then I found the bug report that it failed the internationalization (I18n) on error pages like 404, 500 pages. [Read More]

Completed the Machine Learning course by Stanford University!

I could completed the Machine Learning course by Stanford University! Yay! I started in April, and I could finish it at the end of June. So It took about 3 months. (Please refer to the entry, which was written in the beginning => Started to study Coursera Machine Learning course by Stanford Univ. ) Cons Unfamiliar programming language “Octave”. But Octave is quite intuitive for calculation. A bit hard to submit the programming assignment every week, but this became good training. [Read More]

Move back to Japan from Thailand

Move Back to Japan from Thailand I have been living in Bangkok Thailand for 3 years, I decided to move back to Japan. And now I’m writing this in the airplane to Japan. 3 years in Thailand I moved to Thailand on September 2014, so it was less than 3 years. Made the company in Thailand (I run the company in Japan, so this is like an subsidy) A lot of work is needed for the documentation and accountings for the company in Thailand Need perseverance to get the Visa (documentation…) I supported start-up companies by servicing web development (And I’ll continue) I got to know with the engineer friends and my mentor. [Read More]

Started to study Coursera Machine Learning course by Stanford Univ.

Started studying machine learning I started studying mchine learning. I have been studied it by a book, but I felt I need to study from the beginning. Machine Learning - Stanford University I can get the certificate of the course if I pay 89 US dollar. I knew this course has very good reputation, and I read the post from @shu223 and he recommended this course. so that I started this course. [Read More]

Set free SSL by using AWS ACM

Free SSL by AWS ACM It takes many steps to set SSL to your website. You need to purchase the SSL by the agent, and get the certificate and locate it to the server. Each steps are not difficult, but it bothers a lot. From last year, it is possible to set SSL to your website by using AWS ACM. Very easy No need to update every year You can set SSL to ELB (Elastic Load Balancer), but for EC2. [Read More]